Stewardship Corner

God has called us to build his kingdom here on earth.  He has given us specific gifts of time, talent and treasure to help us in that work.  This is the very basis of stewardship.  Stewardship does not exist in a vacuum.  Through our Baptism we are all members of the Catholic Church.  We are the Church!

If we believe that the Church has a responsibility to preach the Gospel, worship our God, educate the children and care for the needy, then we must also realize that as members of that Church, we too, have those responsibilities.  When we come together in our parish as a community of faith, we enter in to a proud heritage of commitment and sacrifice.

The stewardship of our Catholic ancestors built the church that we inherit today.

They have back generously to God, even though they struggled economically.

They used the time, talent and treasure God had entrusted to them to build up his Church.

They gave out of gratitude.

They knew the deep joy that comes from putting God first.

The evidence of their generosity is all around us.  Today, we can follow the example of our dedicated ancestors in our own parish.  The very life of any parish depends on the responsibility its parishioners take for its care and growth.  It is within the parish community that we all have the opportunity to use our gifts to build the kingdom of God.

We are the Body of Christ.  As members of that Body we all have different and unique gifts, given to us by God for a purpose.  When we bring these gifts together in our parish we truly can build God’s kingdom here on earth.