IF anyone can keep a promise, it’s God.  His very nature is to be faithful to his promises and to fulfill all he has foretold.  His promise after the fall of Adam and Eve was to send us a Redeemer, to bring peace to Jerusalem, and to reestablish his reign on earth.  The prophets continually reminded the chosen race of God’s fidelity and, although things looked far from their fulfillment, they insisted that God is faithful and would deliver.

Jesus, the ultimate fulfillment of God’s promise, comes in two phases.  First, by coming as a baby in Bethlehem.  This Incarnation and his arrival as Savior is what we’re preparing to receive this Advent.  Extra prayers, generous giving of your time, and special sacrifices are the best way to ready your soul for his coming.

Jesus’ Second Coming will bring to completion what he started on the cross.  His glorious return, which all of creation will foretell in those last days, is when the full effects of Christ’s victory on the cross will be seen at the judgement of all living creatures.

The advice for all Christians in this period of waiting and preparation is to keep watch; to not allow the delay to lead us drowsiness.  Don’t let the vanities of this world dazzle us, for in time, they will become dust.

God promises real treasures that will endure forever, and as we know, God keeps his promises.

-Mark Haydu, LC

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