King David wants to build God a home! He had first built his own palace and afterward realized that he hadnʼt built a space for God—a place of worship and family communion.
It is admirable that David wants to give back, but do we have to take care of God or, rather, is it God who cares for us? Obviously, God doesnʼt need David to build him a house. The whole world is his. Didnʼt God build up David all along, bringing him to a place where he might consider offering God something in return? It is like children who want to give their parents a gift. First they ask a parent for money or a gift idea. On their own, they cannot give.

God turns the tables on David, saying that God will build David a house—an everlasting lineage to rule over the people. God will build something much bigger than anything David had ever dreamt of. He will build David a kingdom that will become a nation and give birth to a worldwide universal Church.

In the painting, Mary stands in front of an ornate house. She stands like us, at the entrance, welcoming Godʼs coming. It was her yes that allowed the master builder to enter into our world to begin building this house, which became a Church.

Like Mary, we await Jesus. With her, let us say yes to him, celebrating the one who has established that house where we celebrate today!

—Fr. Mark Haydu, LC

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