My Dear Parishioners:

Easter is a time for greatest laugh.  God pulled the greatest victory over Satan on this day.  Just as Satan though he won over the crucified and dead Christ, God raised his Son from the dead.  God had the last laugh?  Easter has exposed the greatest lie: that sin and death will be victorious all the time.  Easter proclaims the greatest truth: goodness and truth will ultimately prevail.

The empty tomb is a powerful symbol of Easter.  But the empty tomb is a powerful symbol of Easter.  But the empty tomb is powerful also because of what it reminds us of.  It reminds us that after all, it is still a tomb, a place for the dead, a place that is the endpoint of our life’s pains and anxieties, heartaches and miseries, misfortunes and afflictions.  In other words, the empty tomb is a reminder for us that our Catholic faith is not a faith that does away with the pain, the sorry and the dying.  Our faith is not one that cries out to God to un-break our hearts, and un-dry our tears, and undo our pains.  No! Rather we are to take our broken hearts and broken lives, and place them in the hands of God, so that God, whose great love for us, might bless them and work through them, and in so doing we are made to rise above ourselves, and truly rise along with Christ.

That is what Easter is all about.  It is not about not dying.  It is about dying first, and then rising.  And that is what Easter is for each one of us.  It is not about not sinning, or not doing wrong.  It is about being all this. And then it is about rising above all this, and moving forward again, and giving our very best shot again, and again, and again.

Let me share with you a testimony of a man who joined a Catholic renewal movement.  He said: “Two years ago, I was a drunkard.  Two years ago my children feared my footsteps.  Now I am a sober man.  Now my wife smiles at me.  Now my children run to greet and embrace me.  That is what the risen Christ has done for me.”

A blessed Easter to everyone!

Yours in the Risen Christ,

Rev. Anacleto S. Asebias, Jr.