Stewardship Corner

A Good Steward Makes a Return “with Increase”

Now we shall talk about the fourth quality of a good steward: returning to the Lord “with increase.”  A good steward is one who makes a return to the Lord “with increase”.

Good stewards gratefully take care of, and share the gifts they have received.  Let us look at Jesus’ parable of th talents (Matthew 25:1-30).

A man gave his servants talents.  To one servant, he gave five talents; to another, two talents, and to the last one, a single talent.  Then to man left. While he was away, the servant who received the five talents used them and got give more.  Likewise, the servant who received two talents used them and got two more.  The servant who received one talent failed to use it.

One day the master returned and made an accounting with them.  He was pleased with the two servants who returned with increase, and said to them: “Well done, good and faithful servant…come and share your master’s joy.  But he punished the servant who did nothing with the talen given to him.

God has given us talents or gifts.  Like the good servants in the parable, we have to return them to God “with increase,” by using them to benefit others and promote God’s work.  On judgement day, God will ask:  What have you done with all the gifts that I gave you?”  Hopefully, we will be able to say: “Lord, I did my best to thank you every day.  I did my best to be responsible with those gifts with others.”  And may the Lord respond:  Well done, good and faithful stewards.  Come and share your master’s joy.”