Stewardship of Time

Time is money, so they say.  But it may not all be true.  Time is more important than money.  Time once spent can never be recovered.  It is not that way with money.  We can make foolish purchases.  We can blow money here and there, and eventually we can get it back.  But one day, one hour waster can never be reclaimed.

There is a song entitled “9-to-5”.  The song was a tribute to the average American worker who puts in his 40 hours each week just trying to eke out a living.  However, “9-to-5”, “Monday-through-Friday”, “40-hour-work-week” are common phrases that have subtly conditioned us to think that there is a standard work week.  Perhaps everyone has experience some behaviors and reactions created by subconscious normal work week conditioning.  You may know employees, for instance, working under contract, who become irritated if they are asked to spend a few extra minutes beyond their contracted working hours to complete a task.

A true understanding of stewardship must begin with taking care of, and sharing, the gift of time.  It is easy to succumb to a conventional mindset that serving the Lord is a 9-to-5, Monday-through-Friday, 40-hour-week endeavor.  The result of yielding to this attitude is that anything or anyone demanding out time outside of what we perceive as our normal working hours is viewed as an intrusion and an inconvenience.

To be good stewards of time, we should be completely aware of the fact that working for the Lord is not a 9-to-5, Monday-through-Friday, 40-hour-week job!  It goes beyond the normal work schedule!  In fact, there is no time clock to punch in!

The greatest stewardship challenge we face is the use and sharing of the precious gift of time.  How many times have we asked people to get involved in parish activities, and what response did we get? “I don’t have the time.”  Being good stewards of time means that, with gratitude, we try to use it in ways that would help build up God’s kingdom here on earth.

The time we have is God’s gift.  And we don’t know how much time we have.  God gives us toda, but he does not promise us tomorrow.  May this season of Lent help us to realize that how we use time is more important that how much time we have.