We have all received baptism, but why don’t the amazing fruits and graces received then always show themselves powerfully in our lives?

Titus tells us what has already happened for us in baptism.    We were saved “through the bath of rebirth and renewal by the holy Spirit” (3:5).  Yet this renewal accomplished by the Spirit needs to be fully embraced by us for it to reach its potential.  We know we have been renewed, but how do we keep renewing?  This happens by prayerful contact with the Holy Spirit.

In Titus, Spirit is capitalized because it’s the Spirit of God.  Renewal by the Holy Spirit is a renewal in which God, not man, is the principal protagonist, “Behold, I” (not you) “make all things new” Revelation 21:5).

We often think that to be renewed and grow, we have to do something.  God tells us it is something he does.  “I, the Lord, make you holy” (Leviticus 20:8).  We have to give him back the power he already has.  Or better yet, we need to recognize God’s power and let him use it in us.

A revolution needs to happen in our minds and heart where we recognize that without the Holy Spirit we can do nothing.  So ask the holy Spirit to come upon you in a real baptism of fire.  Then all those baptismal gifts will spark into a flame and help you set the world ablaze with his love!

-Fr. Mark Haydu, LC