The weaver works from the back side of a tapestry while looking into a mirror in front to see the reflection of his work.  Next to the mirror sits a painting of what he is weaving.  The back of the tapestry is full of knots and dull colors.  In front it is beautiful and ornate.  The way a tapestry is made is a great allegory for marriage.  Spouses look at the ideal they are trying to reproduce:  God’s love for humanity, Jesus’ love for his Church.  It is a sacrificial, lay-down-your-life kind of love.  While viewing the ideal, the spouses have their hands on the threads, weaving the right color at the right time to reproduce that ideal.

Those strings can represent the different virtues or acts of love required by the specific situation of the relationship.  Sometimes a spouse has to stop, tie off a string, pull it out, and start over.  From the back, it can look chaotic, but slowly the ideal takes shape and the beauty of the tapestry of marriage comes into view.

God will marry us, says the prophet.  He will take us as his own, giving us the gifts of his Spirit to enrich us.  Together, we will bear fruit of new lift in ourselves and others.  Trying to weave that loving union with God and others may be chaotic and knotty; thus, the need to repent and try again.  But with his grace, the final product, which comes into full view only at the end, will be unique and beautiful.

– Mark Haydu, LC