The image of Mary—surrounded by the apostles in the upper room, awaiting the Holy Spirit—has a name: Regina Apostolorum, Queen of the Apostles. She is enthroned as Queen Mother because, when her Son the King was en- throned and lifted up, he told her, “Behold your son.” With those words he entrusted Mary to the care of John, the apostles, and the whole Church. As any good queen and mother, she defends her own.

She is also called the Spouse of the Spirit, because it was in union with the Spirit that she engendered the Son. She also engenders him in the apostles and in our souls through her powerful intercession and waiting on the Spirit.

One of Maryʼs best qualities is waiting patiently until Godʼs power arrives. After the annunciation she waited nine months with Jesus in her womb. Then she waited some thirty years while Jesus grew and prepared for his mission. She waited during his public life and watched as his fame spread, but also as his enemies plotted. She waited at the foot of the cross and endured that unending Holy Saturday until the resurrection. And she waited patiently on the first Pentecost Sunday for the coming of the gift of the Holy Spirit promised by her Son. She knew he would come through, as he always did.

We get impatient with God and want him to respond on our timetables according to our expectations. He waits to give us a chance to adapt our hearts to his plan and timing. He waits until the time is just right.

—Fr. Mark Haydu, LC

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