Lorenzo Sabbatini painted an amazing Christ the King ascended in heavenly glory.  Have you heard of the artist?  He and his art were sought after aby the wealthiest, most power people of his day- so famous then, but unknown today.  Thus is the feeble nature of human glory.

In todays Gospel, Jesus is in chains at the mercy of Pontius Pilate.  The Roman procurator failed to recognize him.  Thus is the feeble nature of human recognition.

Pilate had before him the King of Kings, the author of all authority in heaven and on earth, his maker and judge.  It appeared that Pilate was the powerful one, but Jesus knew all power really came from his Father.  Thus the feeble nature of vision without faith.

The scene pained by Sabbatini is what we should always keep in mind – Jesus taken up in to the clouds as he blesses us.  Cherubs dance and celebrate the return of the King, their fearless leader who faced all the forces of hell and emerged victorious.  He was taking his rightful throne and they are rejoicing at having him back.  He still reigns from there today.

He has opened the gates of heaven so all his beloved can now enter and populate the mansions prepared for them from the dawn of time.  We may often feel like victims of circumstances or totally limited by our failures, health, or enemies.  Yet, we are more than conquerors if we allow ourselves to be set free by the truth of Christ’s kingship.

-Fr. Mark Hadyu, LC

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