Liturgy of the Day:

We celebrate Epiphany today and hear how God’s very self is revealed to people of all nations through the Incarnation.  The emphasis today is on this revelation to foreigners: the foreign nations that will now pay tribute to the restored Jerusalem, the Gentiles whom Paul recognized as now being copartners through the gospel, and the magi from the east who recognized the Messiah and paid him homage.

Liturgy of the Word:

Today’s readings reflect the joy of today’s event—the Epiphany of the Lord. Isaiah sings of the promise of post-exilic Jerusalem, receiving people and treasures from all nations. The author of Ephesians proclaims that in Christ Jesus we are all members of the same body, that Jew and Gentile alike have received the promise of salvation. The faraway magi in Matthew follow the star to Bethlehem and pay homage to the newborn king.

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