Vocation Mission Statement

The Parish Vocation Committee, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit strives to promote and encourage religious vocation with in our Parish community and families.It is our mission to create an atmosphere of vocation awareness by catechizing the parish faithful on what it means to serve the church through a religious calling.In recognizing that God, in his providence, is calling men and women from our Parish family to serve him in a Religious vocation, we endeavor and commit to support those he has called through prayer and encouragement and serve

Strategic Plan: The committee has a detailed plan on how to increase awareness and is implementing that plan through its’ various activities. Praying for Vocations: Vocation prayer cards are available and distributed periodically. A copy is permanently affixed to the back of the seasonal Missalette. We use this prayer after the prayer of the faithful at all the masses on Saturday and Sunday, so that we maybe a reminded of our need for religious vocations.

Vocation Awareness Committee Activities:
Blessing Cup Program: This symbolizes for us the blessing that priests and religious bring to our lives. The cup is a symbol of life poured out in service. The chalice used at mass is brought home by members of our parish and used as the centerpiece of united prayer. As Christians we believe in the great power of prayer and know the importance of praying for vocations.


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